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The following are the most commonly asked questions about our Limited Service Flat Fee programs. If your question is not answered here, just call or email us and we'd be happy to answer any you have. Ask us about our new 4.5% Listing Service and our Buyer Rebate program.

  • Is there a listing office commission?
Not unless you have chosen our Full Service Listing Service.
  • Can we cancel at any time?
Yes with a written and signed cancellation form emailed or faxed to us.
  • What markets do you cover?
Our primary office is in Washington so we cover all of Western Washington from Vancouver in the south to Bellingham in the north, east to the mountain and west as far as the eye can see, including the islands. We also have an office in Oregon and cover most of the State. We are also affiliated with a network of the best of the best in Flat Fee and Full Service real estate professionals across the nation. We welcome your inquires to our network brokers in most states of the country.
  • How do I get my sign and lock box?
We mail them out Priority Mail immediately upon listing your home. It takes 3 days typically to reach your address.
  • Can I pick up my sign and lock box?

Actually, because we are an internet company our place of business is not a retail showcase.

  • Are you local to my marketplace?
As an internet-based company we cover the US with representatives in different markets. If you choose our Full Service listing program with a traditional 6% commission you will have an agent in your back yard. If you would prefer to save money by working with us via the phone and email you will have a local or state agent, either way our knowledge is local and statewide and our communication is via email and telephone. This is how we save you money on our Full Service 4.5% Listing program. In today’s internet business environment there is no need or difference in us marketing your home if we were across the street or across the country. The savings of not having a brick and mortar office on every street corner is thus passed on to you. You can be assured that your property listing will have the same exposure as your neighbors have. Additionally, we will synidicate your property to the maximum level possible through Google, Yahoo, Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com, plus many other major real estate sites. Either way you cannot lose by working with America-at-Home Real Estate (AAH) or any of our affiliates across the country.
  • Will my home sell as fast with AAH as it would with a huge franchise company?
Absolutely! We market your home in the same MLS as all other local real estate companies. In fact our marketing goes well beyond your local MLS. We will market your property through Realtor.com, Yahoo, Google and many other major national sites to get you the most exposure of any real estate company in the country. Our real estate sign on your property is one of the most effective ways to sell your home. We do not use newspaper advertising as some real estate companies do. These types of ads are more for the real estate company to get buyer calls and pick up new clients than they are to sell your home. Typically, homes are sold by real estate signs on your property and through the local MLS.
  • Why do you recommend having my purchase and sale offer reviewed?
Well, let us say that although we understand you can read, have good sense and certainly the motivation, unless you are a seasoned real estate expert you cannot possibly know all the ways a contract can turn on you. Not to mention the skills in negotiating a real estate agreement. Professional real estate agents are experienced to immediately notice how to turn your offer into a “BEST” offer. If you do not have personal representation on a transaction, than at least have a lawyer if not us, review your offer before you sign anything. Remember, this is a legal transaction and your home is probably your most valuable asset. It's important to do it right.
  • What does it cost to have you review my offer(s)?
We charge $450 to review one purchase and sale offer or $995 for any number of offers and full consultation throughout the transaction. This low fee is usually made back for you in the savings we can help you negotiate on the sale. Just give us a call or go to our website to choose the service you want and email or fax a copy of your purchase and sale contract to e-fax # 206-892-9802.
  • I was referred to you through an affiliate For Sale By Owner Company, what does your service include?
Great Question! Glad you asked. We are a long time, well respected real estate company and many FSBO and other real estate service or referral companies refer their clients to us for entry into the local MLS. We are happy to assist you and will list your home as we do with our direct clients into the appropriate MLS where your property is located. You do not pay us directly for this service but rather pay the company who referred you to us. They will pay us. This DIY-Flat Fee service is a basic MLS Listing for 6 months, it comes with 6 photos and the use of our professional real estate sign. You would mail the sign back at closing. Your property will get the same exposure through the MLS, Realtor.com, Yahoo, Google and all the major national sites we have relationships with. You can upgrade your listing  to include consulting services which will save you unlimited thousands of dollars by not only countering your offers but getting you through the often confusing and frustrating contingency periods in the contract. We will help you thoughout the transaction all the way to closing without the worry you could experience doing the work alone.
  • How long can I have my listing on the MLS?
6 months typically, unless you upgrade to a 12 month package.
  • Where will you market my property?
Your listing will be seen on Realtor.com the largest real estate data base in the world. Additionally, you will be listed on our site America-at-Home.com. From our site we will synidcate your listing out to  Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Point2Homes, Trulia, Oodle, Cyberhomes, Condo.com, HotPads, LiveDeal, Zillow, Real Estate Advisor and many others. Maximum exposure is the name of the game in real estate in today's market. You cannot afford not to have good exposure, which is much more than just the MLS.
  • How can I view my listing?
On our website, www.america-at-home.com (available next day after it is on the MLS) just click on Featured Lisitngs from our home page and scroll down by price until you find your listing. Or if you have the MLS # you can go directly to the MLS to locate your listing. NW Washington; http://www.nwrealestate.com or Vancouver WA,  http://www.rmls.com. For Oregon: http://www.rmls.com and http://www.coar.com.
  • Can I print flyers?
Yes, just find your property on our featured listings page and print a brochure directly. However our brochure is a 2 pager so you may want to create your own one page flyer from your home computer. Please note that the MLS # must be on the flyer and you cannot use the term "For Sale By Owner" as you are now listed in the MLS. All MLS's in the country will not list Owners directly. The term the MLS prefers is that you are a "Unrepresented Seller". We do offer custom flyers for $35 if you need that service.
  • How do I price my property correctly?
Another great question! Pricing your property correctly can make or break your success in selling your home. Your first option  is to order our " Express Comp Search" or the "CMA" (Competitive Market Analysis) service which will give you an up to date current market value of homes sold in your marketplace. You can also look up your property data at your local tax assessors office of your county. You could also try Zillow, but be aware their values can be off by 10-25% +/- (up or down) of the actual property value. Do not rely on this site. Use it only as a range. If you have purchased our Deluxe Listing package a comp search and consultation on setting the best price is already included with the service.
  • What is the difference between an open house and a brokers open?
An open house is directly held by the seller. We recommend weekends and rush hours any day. You can advertise your open house in your local newspaper but always list our company or your MLS listing number when advertising your property in the paper. It is a disclosure law that if you are listed with a brokerage you must state so. The Brokers Open is completely different and is held by your listing broker or one of their agents. It is not open to the public, but to local agents only. We charge $500 to do a Broker's Open house. The seller is required to provide some refreshments to attract agents to view the home. We advertise it on our website and send out an invitation to all agents in your community through the MLS. Agents who come usually have buyers they are looking for property for, so it's a good idea to hold this type of open house, if your market is good. You could get an offer soon or even create a multiple offer situation.
  • Why do I need an MLS approved lock box?
These are basically for the convenience of agents and they make it much easier to sell your home. In addition, with these "Supra" lock boxes, they have the ability to track who has entered your home. Sidebar: Always lock away valuables like jewelry and pharmacy medicines, etc. the entire time your house is on the market. If someone is home all the time, a lock box may not be necessary. Combination lock boxes can be used in some areas, but not all MLS's will allow it. The primary MLS in our WA market is the NWMLS. They will not allow any other lock box but the "Supra" box which you can rent from us for the term of your listing. The cost is $119 including shipping and handling. You must return it within 3 days from closing or cancelling your listing at your expense or pay $150 to replace it. The RMLS and COMLS will allow the combo lock boxes which you can purchase at any good DIY store. You would need to give us the private code which we will add to the Agent's private remarks section of the listing. Never give this code to a buyer directly, only to an agent.
  • Can I use a For Sale By Owner Sign on my Property?

Unfortunately no. The MLS will not allow any For Sale By Owner signs on the property, if you are listed with a brokerage. The same goes for any other signs. It's actually not in your best interests to have a FSBO sign on the property. Agents typically are afraid to bring their buyers to a FSBO home for fear of losing their client. So to get the maximum showings you should always have our real estate sign on the property. It's free to use, although you must return it to us at closing. The cost is typically less than $6 by priority mail.

 For any other questions don't hesitate to contact us. 425-493-6647